Detroit Public Lighting worker is latest to defend himself with gun

Detroit Public Lighting worker uses concealed weapon to shoot would-robbers on city's west side

By Roger Weber - Reporter

DETROIT - Two Detroit Public Lighting workers were doing work on a utility pole about 9 p.m. Thursday on the city's west side.

One of the workers was carrying a licensed concealed weapon. He was suddenly put in a situation where he felt he needed to use it, and he did.

Two teenaged brothers showed their own gun to the workers and announced they were robbing them. The intended victim opened fire. A 16-year-old is in critical condition and his 17-year-old brother is hospitalized in serious condition.

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Denzel Williams heard the gunfire from some distance away. He supports the action taken by the DPL worker.

"He's protecting himself. I mean, he's licensed to carry a concealed weapon, you know, so he knows what he's doing," said Williams.

In the past week there have been two other intended victims in Detroit who have opened fire on people trying to rob them. A teen was killed last week outside Martin Luther King High School. A man was killed at a west side bus stop.

"Don't do nothing stupid, because you never know. You might be packing a gun or something, somebody else can," said Williams.

Williams says he intends to get a concealed pistol license as soon as he is old enough.

"I don't plant to do nothing crazy, just protecting myself. It's hard in the streets right now. People are hungry and trying to rob people," he said.

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