Detroit residents fed up without AC, elevator

Washington Boulevard Apartments residents say AC has not worked for days

By Will Jones - Reporter

DETROIT - There's no relief from the heat for Dee Davis.

The temperature in her home at the Washington Boulevard Apartments on State Street in downtown Detroit is just as hot as outside.

"We have an industrial fan which we had to go out and purchase with out own money. It's at 85 degrees and that's the lowest it's been. Usually it's at 90," said Davis.

The heat is taking a toll on her. The AC isn't working.

"What else is new? That's all I have to do. That's my hobby now, sweating in here. And at night when it's supposed to be cooler, it's even worse," said Davis.

Her apartment isn't the only one that feels like an oven. The problem has been simmering for days with no fix.

"We haven't had adequate air conditioning in a week. We've had a lot of excuses about when we're gonna get air conditioning, when they're gonna get a part to fix the air conditioning," said Davis.

The 20-plus story high-rise is home to seniors and those who are disabled. Air conditioning isn't their only complaint. The people who live here say the elevators are in bad condition and there's mold in the building.

Davis said they are tired of the cold shoulder from management.

"What we want is an adequate quality of life. We just want ... give us our air conditioning. We want to be able to get from floor to floor. We have people in scooters, wheelchairs. People that have respiratory issues. What are they supposed to do?" she said.

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