Detroit school principal fights to get heating fixed at building

By Jason Colthorp - Anchor/Reporter

DETROIT - The principal at Hutchinson Elementary and Middle School on Detroit's east is taking matters into his own hands to fix the poor heating situation at his school.

Principal Stanley Johnson sent a letter home to parents asking them to email the Detroit Public Schools leaders to demand better for the kids, who often wear their winter coats in class.

"They put me here to get the job done and these students will not be shortchanged," he said.

Since he arrived at the school 6 years ago, Johnson has been frustrated with heat in the building.

"If we're comfortable here (south side of the building), the north side is cold. So if we make an adjustment and turn it up on the north side, now the south side is cold," he said. "They can't learn with coats on, heavy sweaters on. And testing started yesterday, so, come on."

Johnson has had enough. He took the bold step of asking the parents to contact his bosses.

The outcry from parents worked. Maintenance workers will will be at the school building during the next two weeks to get the heat running correctly and efficiently. If the job gets done, Johnson isn't worried about any repercussions.

"I may get in trouble for doing this interview, but I personally don't care. This is about my kids right now, not about me," he said.

The school district confirmed with Local 4 that repairs will be made over the next two weeks and "plans are being put into place to ensure a productive learning environment for all students and staff in the interim."

Johnson said he has another plan if the repairs don't get done. However, he wouldn't discuss it. All he would say is he would get with parents to discuss phase two.

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