Detroit Soup director says non-profit needs some extra help

Director: Funding has been low

DETROIT - Amy Kaherl, the director of "Detroit Soup," says she has faith in her idea, but fears her project may run out of money.

"That could be a possibility," she told Local 4, during an interview Wednesday.

For the last two years, Detroit Soup has held monthly dinners in the city, with the $5 admission going into a jackpot and awarded to the person who presents the best idea.

"It's a new town hall, discussing ways to make the city better," Kaherl said.

People have won up to $1,400 for business startups, reading programs, neighborhood cleanups and more. But the non-profit relies on foundation grants.

For example, Becki Kenderes won $900 at a Detroit Soup event for her "Lots of Love" mobile tool library. People can borrow the tools for free.

"We haven't received any major funding since the beginning of the year. Quicken [Loans] gave us $5,000, which is wonderful," Kaherl said.

She thinks the group may be affected by major foundations committing $350 million to resolve the city's bankruptcy.

"Right now, the funding is stretched so thin," she said.

Kaherl said she will know by June whether Detroit Soup will dry up, or keep serving.

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