Detroit wedding dance video goes viral

Couple planned something special for first dance

By Will Jones - Reporter

DETROIT - Jimmy and Dominique Morisseau Keys wanted their wedding in Detroit to be something special.

The couple, who first met more than a dozen years ago a the University of Michigan, planned their wedding and reception at the Charles Wright Museum of African American History.

They now live in New York but came back to Detroit for their big event.

Jimmy is a hip-hop artist. 

Dominique is an actress and playwright.

They both love to dance. 

Jimmy remembers how much he loved the movie "Dirty Dancing."

"As a child I remember I wanted to be as cool as Patrick Swayze," Keys said.

So, Jimmy and Dominique rehearsed a series of steps for a medley of dance moves to a variety of musical styles.

They even got a flower girl involved. 

Dominique said they wanted to make the moment memorable for their friends and each other.

"The idea came because we knew our friends and family expected us to do something performative. So, we wanted to do something, a little special, a little above and beyond, just to impress our friends and family and make the night fun," Morisseau-Keys said.

Then the video of the dance hit the internet and went viral.

Keys could not believe the response.

"We never imagined that it would go this big. We never even fathomed it.  We were going to videotape it just for our documentation purposes to remember the day," he said.

 Now the day will long be remembered, for having what might be the last word in first dances.

Best First Dance Ever: Dominique Morisseau & Jimmy Keys


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