Detroit woman accused of beating friend with Crock-Pot

Sources say Tewana Sullivan repeatedly hit woman in head in Livonia

DETROIT - A Detroit woman is accused of beating her friend to death with a kitchen appliance in Livonia.

Tewana Sullivan's godfather, Marvin Jones, is stunned his goddaughter is accused of killing her friend, 66-year-old Cheryl Livy.

"All of us were good friends and for something like this to happen, I just don't see it," said Jones. "It was such a shock that something like that would happened between two good friends like that. They was tight like that."

But the friendship took a deadly turn. The incident happened at a HUD housing high-rise in Livonia. Jones said Sullivan was there visiting him, but went upstairs to Livy's apartment.

"She brought me some food down that Sherry had sent me. Then she said she was going back up to Sherry," said Jones.

Police sources told Local 4 the two women had a fight in the victims apartment, but it's not clear over what. Sources said Sullivan repeatedly hit the 66-year-old woman in the head with a Crock-Pot until she was unconscious.

"They brought Tai out in handcuffs with blood on her shirt so I'm shocked because I don't know has taken place," said Jones. "I'm not really disappointed in her because nobody knows what happened. So why would I be disappointed in her?"

"Police are saying your goddaughter beat this woman to death," said Local 4's Chauncy Glover.

"The police might be saying that but I don't see it that way," said Jones. "I see them being friends and something happened."

Neighbors who knew the women told Local 4 that night Sullivan had been drinking and she was on medication.

"It's terrible. Absolutely terrible," said neighbor Earl Massie. "You think you have a friend and as we all know you mix alcohol in any situation and that can breed anything, from a loving relationship into what happened."

Livy's family said she was brain dead so they decided to take her off life support. The elderly woman died over the weekend.

"She was a kind person. She would help anybody that needed help. She didn't deserve to die like this," said Massie. "All of us are going to miss her."

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