Detroit woman kills intruder in her home

3 others being sought for break-in on Appoline Street

DETROIT - A Detroit woman's confrontation Thursday morning with a group of intruders in her home on the city's west side ended with one of them being shot dead.

It all unfolded in the 17500 block of Appoline at about 10 a.m.

Family members of the 38-year-old woman told Local 4 she heard the men break into her home and found them in her kitchen, handling a gun they had found in her purse.

The family members said one of the men tried to go upstairs but was shot in the head by the woman, who used another gun she had in her home.

Three other men ran off, two of them got into a white Ford Taurus.

Police sources confirm the family's account and took the woman in for further questioning.

She was released back to her family a couple of hours later.

Her family also said she has a concealed weapons permit and she knows how to shoot.

Neighbors were shocked but said the woman did what she had to do.   

"There was no other way. It was either her or him," said John Swanson.

Sources said police are working with the mother of the young man who was killed to find the other three.

No arrests have been made.

Police are not releasing the name of the man killed or the woman.

Any decision on charges would be up to the Wayne County Prosecutor.

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