Detroit woman leaves keys in door, gets attacked inside home

Woman tells Local 4 she woke up to man in her home, he demanded money

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

DETROIT - Have you ever went looking for your keys only to find them still hanging in the lock of your door? Detroit police are investigating this morning if that mistake led to a horrific attack on a 57-year-old woman.

Local 4 spoke with the victim, who says just after 1 a.m. Friday she woke up to a nightmare.

"I was in the bed sleeping and I woke up to see a shadow in the bathroom. No one is supposed to be here but me," she said. "I got up and ran to the door. He caught me before I could get to the door. He took me back upstairs, he assaulted me and told me to take a shower." 

It happened at the McDonald Square condos on Chene, just east of downtown Detroit. 

The attacked didn't end there.

The woman says she was then tied up, placed in a chair as her attacker demanded money.

"He wanted $100. I said I didn't have a hundred dollars so he said, 'I'm not leaving,'" the victim said.

The woman says she was untied and assaulted a second time. 

The man went to her bedroom to look for money and that's when she ran out of her condo. The attacker ran off as well.

Police sex crimes investigators are now on the case.

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