Detroit woman missing for three weeks without a trace

Keith Harris continues to search to his missing mother

DETROIT - Keith Harris is on a mission to find his mother. He's talked to everyone he can think of.

He's searched the area physically. He's handing out fliers. Now he's asking for your help.

Keith tells Local 4, "My mother would have never left here and not given me something, a note."

78-year-old Ruth Harris had no major heath issues. She knows health, retiring after 40 years at Detroit Receiving Hospital. She has not used her cell phone, there is no activity on her bank accounts. She just vanished, 3 weeks ago.

Keith moved back to Detroit from Arizona to live with his mother after his dad died.

He watches the news everyday to see if something comes on that could be about his missing mother.

"You see the news, but you don't really see the news until the news is you. It's just hard. She's all I have."

Keith though Ruth might have gone with friends on the bus up to the casino in mount pleasant. No trace there.

There are no signs of any trouble around the house, where this family has lived since 1971, where Keith was raised. He's keeping it ready and filled with hope for his mother's return.

"I'm just at a loss. Just to know something, anything would be better than not knowing."

Anyone with information can call Detroit Police at 313-596-5200

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