Detroit woman's home broken into 3 times in past 7 months

Fannie Hamilton, children catch thieves in the act Monday night

DETROIT - She's a mother of seven but doesn't feel safe enough to keep her family in their own home because it's been broken into three times in the past seven months.

Thieves have broken into Fannie Hamilton's home on Yorkshire Road three times over the past few months.

"For you to have to keep replacing stuff, it costs. It hurts," said Hamilton. "To hear a 4-year-old say, 'Mamma, we need to move.'"

Hamilton lives with her fiancé and six kids. Monday night she and the kids came home to catch thieves in the act.

"We hear the noise like stepping of glass," Hamilton said. "We approach my back door. My son yells, 'Oh shoot, they're in our house stealing our stuff again.'"

The robbers entered through a bedroom window, but ran out the back door.

"They kicked the panel," said Hamilton. "By that time the three young men had two 32-inch TVs."

She chased them making the run for their lives, dropping TVs and everything else.

"I was angry, I was afraid. I wanted to hurt them but I didn't," said Hamilton. "They're not going to live long stealing what people have."

Hamilton's home sits between a row of abandoned homes. Local 4 was there last summer when police busted a chop shop on the same street, hauling out several stolen cars and a baby alligator.

The area -- East English Village -- is among several across Detroit where the city is auctioning off abandoned homes. While the goal is to get people to move in, Hamilton is moving out Monday.

"The neighborhood isn't safe as they portray it to be," said Hamilton.

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