Detroit YMCA volunteers pack baskets of food for families in need

By Koco McAboy - Reporter, Dane Sager Kelly - Web Producer

DETROIT - LaFontaine Automotive Group partnered with the Detroit YMCA for the Y's Baskets of Healthy Foods program Saturday at the Boll Family YMCA.

There was all sorts of produce outside the YMCA for a good cause -- it's going to dozens of families in need for Thanksgiving. YMCA staff and volunteers in downtown Detroit are doing their part to make the holiday memorable for several families.

"We're assembling baskets full of as much local produce as we possibly can," said Lauren Bojanowski. "Pantry staples, dairy, eggs."

And of course, a Thanksgiving favorite -- turkeys donated from Peacock Farms in Troy. 

The baskets of food are delivered directly to more than 60 families in need.

"We have a hunger problem that a lot of people aren't really aware of," said Lisa Senac. "When you think of hunger, you think of people who are emaciated or skinny and that's not the issue anymore. The hunger problem is access to food and so through this program we're able to really provide that access to food."

Particularly access to healthy foods. The YMCA worked with local companies, like LaFontaine Automotive Group. 

"We just love being a part of the communities and giving back," said Ryan Lafontaine. "All of our dealerships and just being engrained in the community so we can make a difference in people's lives and just pay it forward."

That's what the event is all about -- giving back to hundreds of people in the community in time for the holidays.

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