Did 4th grade students poison Northville teacher?

Teacher apparently made ill by something placed in her water bottle

By Roger Weber - Reporter

NORTHVILLE, Mich. - About 4:30 p.m. Monday, a teacher at Ridgewood Elementary School in Northville called her union president, Nicklaus Nugent.

"About possible ingestion of a harmful substance. She asked me what she should do," he said.

Nugent told the woman, who teaches 4th grade, to see a doctor and tell her supervisor.

"Very, very distraught over it. This would be the last thing that I think any teacher would ever want to go through," said Nugent.

He said as far he knows the teacher is at home recuperating.

Something apparently was placed in the teacher's water bottle. She felt the effects some time after drinking it.

Aya Sleiman's daughter is in the 4th grade at Ridgewood.

"Such a thing is going to make me concerned about my daughter. Who are these kids? Why are they doing such things? If they're treating their teacher like this, how are they going to treat the other kids?" said the mother.

One student has been removed from class, according to the union president, who believes other teachers and students are safe.

"Obviously, they're looking at water bottles and that, and making sure that things are safe like that," said Nugent.

According to the school, the teacher plans to return to work before the end of the school year. Her principal wrote to parents, "While this is a highly unusual and concerning situation, please know that the appropriate measures will be taken at the conclusion of the investigation."

Northville school officials aren't answering any questions about this. Police won't say anything but that this is an ongoing investigation.

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