Doctors reattach girl's arm after pit bull attack on Detroit's east side

10-year-old girl mauled by pit bull

By Frank McGeorge - Reporter , Derick Hutchinson , John Steckroth - Editor

DETROIT - Surgeons reattached the severed arm of a 10-year-old girl who was mauled Saturday by a dog on Detroit's east side.

Doctors said they also saved the girl's severely damaged foot. They're continuing to monitor her for infection.

She is still listed in critical condition, medical officials said.

The girl's case raises the question -- how remarkable it is that doctors were able to reattach her arm? Dr. Frank McGeorge said there are many factors to consider when deciding it reattachment is likely to be successful and should be attempted.

You can watch the full conversation about the girl's procedure in the video above.

The dog is being held by Detroit Animal Control.

More about the attack

The girl was with her aunt, visiting with neighbors at about 1:15 p.m. Saturday in the yard of a home in the 10700 block of Beaconsfield Street, near Whittier Avenue. Due to previous incidents, the residents of the home locked their pit bull away in a second-floor gated room while they had company over.

The dog escaped confinement Saturday afternoon and attacked the girl.

"The occupants knew the dog was a vicious animal, so when strangers are around they secure the dog," Detroit Police Chief James Craig said. "But in this instance, the dog left the upstairs, came down, the gated door was ajar, the dog left and immediately began attacking this child."

The girl’s 55-year-old aunt intervened and shielded the girl from the dog. The woman was attacked and suffered injuries to her leg.

A neighbor heard screams from across the street and came running with a shovel. He beat the dog as the pit bull’s teeth latched onto the girl’s arm.

The girl was rushed to a nearby Hospital and taken into surgery.

"Why is this dog allowed to stay here when we already have a history of the dog being vicious?" Craig asked.

According to police, the dog was quarantined last year after an attack on a DTE worker.

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