Dog fighting ring busted in Pontiac raid

11 arrested; 5 dogs rescued

By Nick Monacelli - Reporter

Officer’s described it as a "horrifically cruel operation."

A police raid in Pontiac shut down an entire street as task forces broke up a dog fighting ring.

"I was in the house listening to the radio and I heard a big flash bang," said Paul Church, a neighbor. "I put some shoes on and ran outside and all you could see is swat teams and cops."

Church has lived in the Pontiac area all his life, but says he has never seen anything like that. The flash bang was only the start of the raid.

The raid happened on Mark Avenue on Saturday night.

With help from the FBI and the downriver area narcotics organizations, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department busted the down doors and arrested 11 people.

"They only lived there six months or so," said Mark James who lives across the street. "Saw all the dogs moving in and out of there. We assumed something was going on."

The home-renter is a felon with dog fighting and narcotics convictions. Others were arrested who drove three hours to participate in the fight.

Five dogs were rescued, including puppies that appeared to be in training.

Police also took two loaded handguns from the home.