Dog found tied up, left for dead in Kenockee Township

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®

KENOCKEE TOWNSHIP, Mich. - A family pet was found tied up with wire and left for dead, the second animal cruelty case reported within one week in Kenockee Township.

The dog Buddy survived, but the St. Clair County Sheriff's Office is investigating the bizarre and callous crime, and they're now looking for the person responsible.

It was bath night for Buddy, and like most dogs, he doesn't like soap and water. But it was the vet's orders, due to an open wound Buddy picked up over the weekend.

Neighbor Mike Cooley showed Local 4 where Buddy ended up tied to a branch with electric fence wire around his midriff at the corner of Cooley's property.

Kayla Leach, Buddy's owner, said he loves everyone and likely flopped on his back to get a belly rub from his tormentor.

"I thought maybe someone picked him up because he is so sweet and loving," said Leach. "I was really shocked."

Kayla's husband, Craig, found Buddy Wednesday night just sitting next to the branch. Cooley said he remembered hearing what he though was a coyote's yelp Monday night.

"I think they should be prosecuted," Cooley said of the person responsible. "Is there more that should be done? Yes."

Leach and her cousins are happy to have their loveable pooch back, but she said she is deeply concerned the person who hurt their dog, trying to kill him, is the same one that hogtied a dog with electrical fence wire last week just a couple of miles away. She said she's worried that a twisted mind might move from hurting animals to people.

"Oh yes, (there's) a sicko in our neighborhood. It worries me, all the incidents within 4 miles of each other," she said.

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