Dog Shot, Killed By Birmingham Police Officers

Owner Wants To Know Why Police Had To Kill His Dog

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. - The dog's owner said he has no idea why police officers thought it was necessary to gun down his Labrador mix.

Terry Boyle, of Birmingham, said four police officers shot and killed his 5-year-old dog, Buddy, Saturday night. Boyle said he rushed home to hear the horrifying news from neighbors who said they witnessed police officers shoot his dog four times.

"From what I have been told he was not aggressive at all and he tried to get away from officers when all four approached him at the same time," said Boyle.

According to police reports, officers have responded to the home on Bowers Street four times in the past two years -- including once because Buddy had gotten into a fight with a neighbor's dog, and another time because Buddy was on the loose.

This time, police said the dog was off his owner's property and on the attack when shots were fired.

However, neighbors said Buddy was a nice dog that did not cause trouble. Witnesses said that on Saturday night Buddy was on the front porch when officers arrived. When officers approached him, he ran to the side of the house, where he was shot twice, witnesses said.

"A witness saw my dog moving," Boyle said. "He lifted his head and was trying to move still. (Police) put the noose around him and dragged him a couple of feet and then shot him twice more."

Neighbors said they were shocked that Buddy was the target of officers.

"He wasn't a neighborhood pest or a dog that was out all the time, by any means," said Boyle's neighbor Barbara McIntosh. "He was always in the house or in the yard."

Boyle said he wants answers.

"It's unbelievable to me," Boyle said. "My dog has never harmed anyone his entire life."

Police said officers were responding to a complaint that Buddy, in particular, was out on the loose. Police also said Buddy was a Rottweiler mix. Boyle said Buddy was a rescued dog, and if anything he was a Labrador-shepherd mix, not Rottweiler.

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