Donations help make up for stolen gifts intended for Detroit nonprofit Alternatives for Girls

Gifts stolen before Christmas

By Larry Spruill - Reporter, Kayla Clarke

DETROIT - Before Christmas, a car that contained gifts for a Detroit nonprofit was stolen, and since then, donations have come through to help make up for the loss.

Christen Greenwood's car was stolen in the middle of the night right in front of her home. It was filled with gifts for Alternatives for Girls, a local nonprofit organization that benefits at-risk and homeless girls.

It's a better-late-than-never story for the organization.

“We do a lot of work, through street outreach and community outreach. We have a shelter program here. Young people are able to stay for a short term stay or a longer term stay,” Celia Thomas, with Alternatives for Girls, said.

Thomas was on the other end of community outreach when volunteer Greenwood pulled up with a lot of gifts.

Local 4 interviewed Greenwood outside her Fit by Chrissy G Fitness Center on Christmas Eve.

Since then, people reached out to her, wanting to replace those items.

“Yeah, at least five times the amount that was in the car,” Greenwood said. 

Miriah Davis lives at the center and said this Christmas was the best one yet.

“I needed a lot of the things that came. I just want to say thank you. I’m grateful for everything,” Davis said.  

And if the gifts weren’t enough, Greenwood also collected $1,000.

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