Don't be fooled by fake IRS agents

By Tony Statz - Producer
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DETROIT - Too many people are losing too much money thanks to persistent scam artists. 

This time, the legitimate Internal Revenue Service has issued a warning about a scam that's happening all over the country. It says impostors are claiming to be IRS agents. They are calling people and demanding they pay taxes they do not owe.

The fake agents ask the victims to pay by loading money on a prepaid debit card or sending a wire transfer (Remember, that's a huge red flag during any kind of suspicious call) 

The scam artists have tried to pressure victims by threatening to arrest or deport them, and they've threatened to take away their drivers' licenses. 

The IRS says one of the reasons people are falling for the scam is that the crooks make sure the toll-free number from the IRS shows up on caller ID. 

Whenever you get a unexpected call demanding payment from the IRS or any organization you can usually hang up. If you're concerned the call might be legitimate in any way, you should find a number for the agency you know to be reliable and talk to someone else. NEVER make a payment without double-checking the story. That one simple step could save you a lot of heartbreak and money!

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