Downtown Birmingham parking in demand

Business owners, those who work in city are concerned about parking premium

By Will Jones - Reporter

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. - There is a weekday grind of parking in Birmingham for those who work in the city and visit to shop and eat.

Michael Severance, who is the owner of Try it Raw, said he occasionally sees his customers just pass by.

"Sometimes they don't come in if there's no parking. They will drive right by. I figure I am losing business for that," he said. 

The rate for monthly parking permits is going up by $5-$10 on Aug. 1 in the city's parking structures and lots.

"Are you kidding me. No," said Sisceley Banks, who works in the city. 

Hourly parking remains the same. Paul O'Meara is with the city's engineering department. He said it's not to dissuade more businesses from moving into the city.

"We got something that's in demand and we should start saving money, putting it in our account for our parking fund, so one day when we do want to build a garage expansion we will have some money in the bank," he said. 

Meanwhile, drivers are forced to continue to try their luck parking in the city.

"They need to figure something out. It is not convenient for the people of Birmingham," said Nicole Sands, who works in the city. 

So, just how many more parking spots are needed in Birmingham? A parking study is underway to figure that out. 

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