Driver killed, passenger injured in Inkster shooting, police say

Gunman escapes in Dodge Challenger, officials say

INKSTER, Mich. - The driver of a van was killed and his passenger was seriously injured in a shooting Thursday, Inkster police said.

Police said they are actively searching for the suspected shooter, who sped off in a red or orange Dodge Challenger.

"I've been here seven years and we've never had any problems here," resident Isaac Dixon said. "This is a first and it's so close to home."

Dixon stood outside his house and witnessed something strange at the stop sign.

"Only thing I saw was that car run that stop sign. He had no intentions of stopping," Dixon said.

State police said the car Dixon spotted had been involved in a double shooting down the block that left one man dead and another person seriously injured.

"The best description we got is an orange, reddish Dodge Challenger, newer model," Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw said.

Officers went to the scene to collect evidence, and investigators said someone from the Challenger fired several shots at a close range.

"The driver of the Challenger actually got out of the vehicle, walked to the driver's side of the minivan," Shaw said. "There was discussion held for a bit. Then he pulled a weapon."

Witnesses said the driver of the minivan was shot in the face, and the passenger was also hit by gunfire. The driver was killed.

Police said the gunman jumped into the Challenger with someone else in the car and sped right past Dixon.

"I have foster kids here and I'm worried about them playing out here now," Dixon said. "I hope you find out who did it. That's serious. Somebody got shot right here. It's too close to home."

Police hope the second victim can help them identify the gunman, but he has to get through surgery first.

"This wasn't a random incident," Shaw said.

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