Driver speaks out after windshield smashed by road debris on I-696

Woman says she was driving on freeway when windshield shattered

By Priya Mann - Reporter

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. - A Metro Detroit mother was heading home after work Friday when she said a piece of concrete fell from an overpass in Southfield, shattering her windshield.

Susie Krachun had just gotten on the freeway driving eastbound on I-696, and as she passed under Lahser Road, she almost lost her life.

"I thank God I'm here. Really, it could've been worse," Krachun said.

Krachun filed a police report Saturday evening in Southfield after she said a boulder crashed onto her windshield.

"It hit so hard, the noise was so loud because it was such a hard rock, I'm surprised it didn't go all the way through," Krachun said.

Krachun said she swerved, but couldn't avoid getting hit.

"I could see it was a big piece of concrete coming toward my window," Krachun said. "I thought, 'Well, if I go too much to the left, I'm going to harm someone.'"

Krachun managed to keep driving on I-696 and got off at the next exit.

She immediately called her son.

"I called him and I said, 'This huge rock hit my window,'" Krachun said. "But I looked up and I didn't see anyone, but I saw the rock," Krachun said.

Her windshield was damaged during rush hour Friday evening. She got it repaired the next day, but she said elected officials need to do better.

"I'm disappointed. I want more. I want something to be fixed with our roads. I want them to be better," Krachun said. "The issue is somebody else getting hurt. They have to fix it."

Krachun plans to file a report with state police Monday. It cost about $160 to fix her windshield. She's not concerned about being reimbursed, but, rather, hopes it will put pressure on MDOT and other agencies to fix ongoing issues with the roads.

MDOT said the bridges along I-696 have been inspected. The department is confident the bridges are in good shape and nothing is falling onto drivers.

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