EAA mail mix-up confuses parents

By Priya Mann - Reporter

DETROIT - Some Detroit parents got letters in the mail saying their child was reassigned to a new school just days before heading back to class. It's a mistake that's caused concern and confusion for some families.

One parent in Ferndale received a letter on Saturday. It said her child was chosen to enroll at Mumford High School, an Education Achievement System (EAA) school six miles away. It goes onto say the president called the schools the future.

Karen Twomey is a high school teacher with three children in Ferndale schools.

Twomey called the letter telling her to enroll in a state-run Detroit school alarming and an issue of social justice.

The letters were sent to families in Southfield, Grosse Pointe, Fitzgerald, Ferndale and Van Dyke -- areas outside the EAA jurisdiction.

The EAA first told Local 4 the letters were sent out by mistake and that new letters were being mailed out just to inform parents.

A representative with EAA sent Local 4 a statement:

"We want all parents within a five-mile radius of each EAA school to know that they have an option to send their children to a school offering a new, exciting direction for their education."

Parents said their biggest concern is for families within DPS boundaries, who also received the letters.

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