Eastpointe officers under investigation for work linked to undercover unit

City manager says officers have been temporarily taken off of streets


Two Eastpointe police officers are under investigation for work linked to the department's undercover unit.

Eastpointe City Manager Steve Duchane confirmed that the officers have been temporarily taken off of the street.

"The Department started an internal investigation to verify some of the concerns that were raised by a third party," says Duchane.

According to Duchane, the two officers are from the undercover drug unit.

Duchane said the concern is that the officers may have had an extended relationship and illegal interaction with criminals, possibly those who had drug cases in Eastpointe.

Duchane said the officers are being investigated for possible misconduct and that there are also questions about the way in which drug evidence was stored.

"It's always serious when it comes to handling money or property from undercover cases," Duchane said.

An audit of the drug money seized shows that the account balances out, according to Duchane. Now investigators are going through other evidence.

Some Eastpointe residents think an outside agency should handle the investigation.

"It's just not right for them to be able to police themselves," said Eastpointe resident Brian Makedonsky.

The officers will remain on administrative leave until the investigation is complete.

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