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By Erika, Pure Matters

While attending Washington DC's Green Festival last weekend, I was inspired by all the eco-friendly products, workshops, and lectures. From hemp t-shirts to vegan soap to a myriad of organic superfoods, Earth-friendly products took over the Walter E Washington Convention Center. I know Pure Matters loves being eco-friendly and I thought our readers would enjoy checking out some of the green products that were promoted at this year's Green Festival. Read on to get a peek at some of the green brands that were represented at the festival.

Eco-Friendly Food and Drinks
A handful of juice companies showed up at the Green Festival to share their organic drinks with the crowds. Raaw promoted tasty juices made from fruits and vegetables with no added sugar, preservatives, or artificial colors or flavors. Natural Zing, a raw, vegan, organic food distributor, distributed catalogues containing all their chocolates, nuts and seeds, dried fruits, and other healthy, eco-friendly snacks. MOMs organic market handed out samples of some of their healthy, natural snacks -- if you haven't shopped at MOMs, I recommend visiting one of their affordable, natural food stores. The animal rights organization, Compassion Over Killing ( offered free booklets of easy vegan recipes, which you can find online at

Eco-Friendly Pet Food
Spring Naturals brought samples of their natural treats and dinners for dogs. Their ingredients include real meat, poultry, or fish; chickpeas, green peas, and eggs; plus a blend of whole vegetables, whole fruits, and grains. And, let's not forget the kitties. Primal Pet Foods Inc  makes food and treats for dogs and cats using vegetarian-fed protein sources, certified organic supplements, and meats, game, and poultry raised without antibiotics or added hormones. Keep your pets happy and healthy!

Eco-Friendly Kids
So many companies are making eco-friendly, healthy products for children nowadays. BumBoosa uses only sustainable, renewable sources to make baby wipes, toilet paper, and rash ointment. Happy Family organic meals and snacks are delicious and easy on the planet. They have baby cereal and finger foods, toddler meals and snacks, and lunch boxes for kids, all made with nutrient-rich, organic ingredients.

Eco-Friendly Bath and Body Products
My favorite! I stopped by the Fanciful Fox to check out some of their vegan soaps, made with organic, fair-trade ingredients. I loved the candles at My EcoPot Soy Lotion Candle -- they smell delicious and you can use the soy wax as a body moisturizer, cuticle treatment, or massage oil. And when the candle melts down all the way, the holder can be reused as a flower pot. Joyful Bathco's bath salts and botanical soaps are made with natural ingredients from the land and sea, with no perfume, no artificial colors, and no animal testing.

Green Cleaning Products
So many eco-friendly cleaners exist in the market these days, it's easy to say no to the toxic, harsh chemicals that used to be so prevalent in our homes. Berryplus makes laundry soap with berries and Fresh Wave has a series of non-toxic odor removal products like soy candles, sprays, vacuum pearls, carpet shake, and pet shampoo, all made with natural ingredients. Karmalades makes natural, sulfate-free cleaners using only biodegradable ingredients, and their products are never tested on animals.

The Green Festival is such an inspiring event -- I try to attend every year. I highly recommend checking it out if it's held near you (upcoming Green Festivals are being held in Los Angeles and San Francisco -- go to for more information). Roaming through the booths, listening to the various talks, and munching on delicious organic, natural foods is worth the small admission fee. I promise you'll leave feeling excited to make at least one little change in your daily life that will positively impact on the planet.


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