Elderly Detroit couple robbed at gunpoint

Victims don't want to be identified; fear robbers will return

DETROIT - A quartet of gunmen robbed an elderly couple on Detroit's west side Sunday afternoon.

The four men were waiting for the 86-year-old man and his 83-year-old wife to return from church to their home on Montrose Street.  They forced the couple inside the house with guns drawn.

The victims did not want their names used or pictures shown as they described the robbery.

The wife said she feared the robbers would kill her husband.

"Please don't shoot my husband. Take the gun out of his head. Shoot me before you shoot him. Don't kill him," the wife said.

Her husband said he told the robbers to steal what they wanted, but not to hurt them.

"I told them take anything you want. Just don't kill us. Please don't kill us. That's what I  told him. So he didn't hurt me. He just stuck that gun behind my neck and kept it there," the husband said.

The robbers made off with cash, jewelry, even the coats the husband and wife were wearing.

The victim said all four robbers were African-American men, all appeared to be in their 20s.

Their getaway car may have been a gray Pontiac.

It appeared the robbers had been watching the couple and knew when they would be returning home from church.

The victims remain fearful the robbers might return.

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