Employees make their top picks for officer perks

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DETROIT - If you're reading this article in your cubicle at work, you may be daydreaming about all the perks that would make life at the office a little more bearable.

What's the extra added bonus you'd like to have at your workplace? 

According to a new survey from careerbuilder.com, the one thing that would make work more satisfying would be a "Half-Day" Friday. That does sound very relaxing doesn't it? 

Other top choices: on-site fitness centers and being allowed to wear jeans to work. More than 3,900 full-time workers took part in the survey. 

Assuming your boss won't give in on the "Half-Day" Friday idea, consider making Friday a little more entertaining.

At Local 4 News, Friday is Cheese Friday.

Each week, one employee is host/hostess providing cheese-based snacks, crackers, and sweets. It's something to look forward to, and a delicious ending to the week. 

What do your co-workers do to make the office a little more entertaining?

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