Experts weigh in on Mike Duggan's possible run for Detroit mayor

Duggan's past performance prompts comments about his possible run for Detroit mayor

DETROIT - Mike Duggan has moved one step closer to running for mayor of Detroit.

The CEO of the Detroit Medical Center has filed papers to form an exploratory committee to spend the next 90 days to measure public interest in in his possible candidacy.

Duggan said he realizes the city has massive challenges, including the consent agreement with the state of Michigan to get its finances in order.

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"The consent agreement doesn't bother me. It's a board that says you have to operate within your budget and I'm confident if we get in there, put in a strong team, we will operate under a budget just like we've done at DMC," Duggan said.

Detroit Lions general manager Tom Lewand believes Duggan could get the job done as mayor, based on the work Duggan did when he served as deputy Wayne County Executive in helping get both Ford Field and Comerica Park built.

"Mike was the guy that kept things in perspective and I also think very important, innovated. He thought of a lot of different idea, listened to a lot of peopleĀ  and was very, very creative to finding solutions.

Political consultant Adolph Mongo questions those who see Duggan as a front-runner in the race for mayor.

"It's going to be a knock out, bang bang fight because Duggan, people say he's gonna win, and I don't think so," Mongo said.

Adolph Mongo points out that Duggan's past ties with the late former Wayne County Executive Ed McNamara could pose problems.

"He's a clone from McNamara and everyone he's going to bring to the table, they are the McNamara folks, so we got McNamara Junior. That's what's coming," Mongo said.

Duggan said if he does run for mayor and wins, he will work to pull political leadership from Detroit, Michigan and Washington together to work to get Detroit back on its feet.

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