Facebook flame war costs Harper Woods assistant fire chief his job

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

HARPER WOODS, Mich. - If ever there was a cautionary tale to mind your manners on social media, this is it.

Harper Woods Assistant Fire Chief Michael Head was let go from the department after some inflammatory Facebook posts over the open carry of firearms and is now trying to get his job back.

Head got into it with a man named Mickey Ryan Goode, who doesn't live in Michigan anymore.

Head started in by posting this: "Mickey sounds like a real tough guy. LOL Go suck some more dog d*** p**** boy."

Then Goode responded with some unflattering things as well and uses some unflattering terms to call Head stupid, but then Head fires back by intimating that Goode must be a child rapist and then uses a racial slur for Hispanics.

Goode took screen captures of Head's posts and sent a complaint letter to Harper Woods about Head's online behavior.

Internal records obtained by Local 4 show Head admitted he'd typed those things and that he'd lost his cool.  

He deleted his Facebook profile and the comments almost immediately after typing them.

The city fired him and he's currently trying to get his job back.

Local 4 reached out to Head but he says on the advice of his attorney he has no comment

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