Failed Belle Isle deal between Detroit, state of Michigan to be addressed by Mayor Dave Bing Friday

Bing expected to speak out on City Council's decision to table deal, impact on city

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DETROIT - For the first time since the Belle Isle lease agreement with the state of Michigan fell through, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing will publically address the impact the failed deal will have on the city.

It was just a few days ago when Detroit City Council members tabled a vote on the proposal and Gov. Rick Snyder withdrew the offer.

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With disappointment the mayor expressed earlier this week that City Council's actions will force his administration to look at making additional cutbacks that may negatively impact the city's other parks.

By Friday night, there should be a clearer picture of how bad it could get.

Had the deal been approved, Belle Isle would have been managed by the state for 30 years. Residents would have paid a $10 annual vehicle pass but upkeep and renovations would have been paid for by the state, saving the city of Detroit millions of dollars a year.

Ever since the City Council's decision, councilman James Tate, who was for the deal, has been reeling in Belle Isle backlash. He issued a statement that reads in part:

"I will not be bullied by anyone who fells that they can force me to do their will by threatening me. My sitting down with the state and Bing administration to develop a favorable Belle Isle lease agreement for the city as well as my attempt to have my colleagues vote to approve a lease is an example of that. Unfortunately, the deal was not approved and we must move on."

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