Fake cops, water workers victimizing people across Metro Detroit

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DETROIT - Fake cops are roaming the streets of Detroit and victimizing people in the city.

Robin Johnson and his wife returned home from work early one morning when a car pulled in front of their Detroit home. Instantly Johnson knew something wasn't right.

Three guys were sitting in the parked car; one got out and started following the Johnsons. Seconds later the man pulled a gun and said he was with the Detroit police.

"He turned, walked down the street and pulled out his gun with a laser site," said Johnson.

The man ordered the couple to the ground and dug through their pockets. He took their cash and ID before leaving. 

Police say at least three other people were targeted the same night, just blocks away from the Johnson's home not far from Belle Isle.

Investigators have also been working to track down the men posing as police to pull people over. Using fake flashing lights, a siren and an armed man behind the wheel, robbers are fooling drivers.

"And the people being good people pull over and these clowns run up and put guns in your face and take your phone and take your money and take your jewelry," said retired Detroit detective Tom Berry.

Berry says if you think a phony police officer is trying to pull you over, don't stop and keep on driving. He says drivers can always call 911 if they think something is wrong.

In the suburbs, the threat hasn't been people posing as police officers, but rather as water department employees.

In this scam crooks make up a story to get into your home and when you are distracted, they rip you off.

In a recent case, a man posing as a water department worker knocked on the door of a 95-year-old Bloomfield Township homeowner. Once inside, the crooks took $25,000 worth of jewelry from the woman.

Police say there are possibly two or three different groups of impostors posing as police in Detroit.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is asked to contact police right away.

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