Fake sweepstakes letters popping up in mail boxes

Letter claims reader has won $2.2 million but needs to send money to claim prize

DETROIT - A recent international mass mail fraud investigation revealed hundreds of letters and victims across the United States.

The investigation started when a Windsor woman received a sweepstake style letter from a company called the Information Reporting Group. The letter claimed the woman won $2.2 million, but in order to receive her prize she needed to send money for processing.

The Windsor Police Financial Crimes Unit investigated the letters and found that more than 700 letters had been sent out as part of a mass marketing mail fraud scheme.

Investigators along with the assistance of Canada Post, the United States Postal Service and the Canadian National Anti-Fraud Centre, traced the mass mailings back to the Netherlands.

Police warn these types of fake sweepstakes are designed to prey on the elderly; in this case all of the victims are from the United States and around 65-85 years of age.

Investigators say more letters are expected to go out over the coming weeks and citizens are warned to contact postal authorities if they receive a similar letter.

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