Fake water workers rob Bloomfield Township home

Fake worker tells homeowner they need to check for rusty water, rob home


Police and the Department of Public Works are warning residents to be on the lookout for fake water workers in Bloomfield Township.

Recently, a man posing as a water employee went to a home on Maple, between Lahser Road and Cranbrook.

The man told the 95-year-old homeowner he needed to come inside to check for rusty water.

Once inside the home, he distracted the homeowner by asking her to accompany him to the basement while he ran water and flushed the toilets.

Meanwhile, another person entered the home upstairs and rummaged through the house.

The pair got away with more then $25,000 in jewelry from the home.

What to watch for:

If a person comes to your home and claims to be a water employee, ask for ID.

Look for the Bloomfield Township marked vehicle.

Township water employees wear a uniform with a Township logo.

Township water employees do not knock on doors unless there is an immediate emergency, such as a water main break.

They will not seek entry into a home without an appointment.

If anything seems suspicious please contact the Bloomfield Township Police Department immediately at 248-644-616.

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