Families of 2 kidnapped woman offering $10,000 reward

Abreeya Brown, Ashley Conaway missing since Tuesday

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. - The family members of two women kidnapped from a Hamtramck home are offering a $10,000 reward for their safe return.

Abreeya Brown, 18, and Ashley Conaway, 21, were taking during a shootout at Brown's home Tuesday night. 

Family members say the received a text message from one of the girls saying they were in the trunk and they indicated who was abducting them. 

"We have to stop this, letting bad men do bad things in our cities," said Conaway's older sister, Latrina. "The no-snitch policy is well and fine until it affects you."

Thursday morning, three men remain in police custody and are being questioned in relation to the case. 

Andre Michael Todd-Douglass, 34, turned himself in Wednesday morning.  He's being questioned about a shooting event that led up to the kidnapping. 

Police arrested 24-year-old Bryant Christopher Lee at his girlfriend's home in Pontiac Wednesday night.  Police say he also may be a witness to the shooting that took place earlier this morning that is linked to the case. 

Family members point to Brandon Lewis Cain, 25 as the key to crime.  Cain was arrested as he was attempting to walk into a Detroit police precinct last night. 

Brown's mother says Cain was stalking Conaway.  Police confirm that Conaway and Brown both went to police earlier this month accusing Cain of shooting at Conaway as she tried to get away from him, a bullet grazing her head. 

Family members say Cain offered the girl's $5,000 in hush money not to testify against him.  When the girls refused, the threats came fast and furious. 

When Conaway changed her number, family members say Cain followed the girls Tuesday night back to Brown's home and abducted both girls.  Brown's father shot at the kidnapper during the incident.

At a police evidence garage Thursday morning is a car that fits the description of the car used in the kidnapping.  It was found set on fire overnight.  A witness heard shots and called police, leading police to the burning car.  Police say the girls were not in the car and remain missing.

"Please bring our girls home," Latrina Conaway said. "Please bring Ashley and Abreeya home."

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