Family asks for help burying baby who died in Detroit house fire

Akira Capri Williams died Saturday morning when fire started in home near Promenade, Annsbury

DETROIT - Antwan Williams said he dropped off his 9-month-old baby girl with her mother just for the weekend, but it turned out to be the last time he saw her.

Akira Capri Williams was in a home on Promenade Street on Detroit's east side early Saturday morning when a fire broke out. Despite the efforts of firefighters and neighbors, the baby didn't survive.

"I will see her face and hear her voice always," said her grieving father. "She was my heart."

The family is asking for help burying the girl. Cantrell Funeral Home is handling the arrangements.

Fire hydrant wasn't working

Neighbor Christopher Wallace said when firefighters arrived, they had to search for a working hydrant. The one directly across the street from the house was broken at the top.

"They had to run down there to use the one in the middle of that block. So, when they got here, they had no water. They dragged the hose way down here," Wallace said.

A spokesperson for the city's water department said the hydrant was reported broken just hours before the fire. It was replaced, along with others on the street, on Monday.

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