Family, friends search for kidnapped women

Family members and friends searched Detroit's west side on Saturday for two women kidnapped from a home in Hamtramck.

Key pieces of evidence have been found on Detroit's west side including a car, which was found just a couple of hours after Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway were kidnapped at gunpoint in Hamtramck.

On Friday, Local 4 cameras caught evidence technicians from Detroit and State Police find a melted gas can, a scorched license plate and what could be shell casings. According to Abreeya Brown's father, the news led them to the area.

"The news told us, the police are not offering us any information, nothing," said Brown's father Charles McGinnis.

A few blocks away, two undercover Detroit police officers were out digging near a river where something looked suspicious, but nothing was found.

According to family and friends, the two women were kidnapped after refusing to take money from a man charged with shooting at the women in February.

The family plans to keep looking for the women.

"This gets us some type of closure, to get out here and do something instead of sitting at home," said McGinnis.

"We searched every abandoned house and alleys throughout this neighborhood," said cousin Margarete, who did not give her last name.

This has nothing to with publicity or anything, we want our kids home," said cousin Chrystal, who also did not give her last name.

The family is handing out fliers and putting up what they say is now a $30,000 reward.

There are three men in custody, but only one has been charged for an earlier shooting involving the two women.