Family of 8 escapes fire in southwest Detroit

Abandoned house fire spreads to home occupied by family of eight in Detroit

DETROIT - A family is counting their blessings after a fire in an abandoned house spread to their home on Thaddeus Street in southwest Detroit.

The fire started early Monday morning and got so hot it melted the siding off of one house and caught the one next door on fire.

A family of eight people lived in that home, including several children, a cat, bunnies and a goose.

All were able to escape the fire.

"Only thing I thought, that popped in my head was grab my daughter and get out," said Sean Coles.

Michelle Cologne said she's been begging the city to tear down the vacant house.

"I've been trying to get the city to knock it down since last year." Cologne said.

It's already been set on fire twice. Monday was the third time.

Most of their belongings were soaking wet and nothing was insured.

The family that had very little to begin with, have even less now.

Had the house been torn down at least one fire ago, this family might not be homeless today.

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