Family of suspect in Jane Bashara's murder says Bob Bashara set him up

Joe Gentz's mother says Bob Bashara took advantage of, set up Joe in Jane Bashara's murder

By Sandra Ali - Anchor/Reporter


Grosse Pointe Park's Bob Bashara took a plea deal on Thursday, admitting he tried to have a suspect in his wife's murder killed while the suspect was behind bars.

That suspect, Joe Gentz, faces murder charges in the death of Bashara's wife, Jane Bashara. For the first time since the case broke in January, Gentz's mother is reacting to Bashara's role in his wife's murder case.

"It's been a nightmare," said Joanne Gentz. "(Bob Bashara) took advantage of my son and he got away with it."

Joanne said Bashara's plea deal has confirmed what she has felt all along.

"Bob Bashara, he set my son up," she said. "I mean, I really believe that. Because Joe is a good kid. It's just, you know, he listens to people and, you know, he always wants to do good and this time it backfired."

Joe Gentz remains locked up in the Wayne County Jail. His brother, Steven Gentz, was stunned by Thursday's developments in court.

"I know who is right, and I know who is wrong and the truth is going to come out because that's exactly what my brother has said," Steven said. "The truth will come out eventually, isn't that what he said in the van?"

-- Joe Gentz has been held at the Wayne County Jail on a murder charge.

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