Fans flock for fun in Detroit on Tigers Opening Day

DETROIT - More than 45,000 revved up Detroit Tigers fans packed downtown Friday for the first home game of the season.

Although the thermometer didn't exactly read Spring temperatures, there was no denying the baseball game made it feel like it.

"Opening day is all about the great people of Detroit," said fan Cindy Thomas, who's from Livonia. "We come here because everyone is so friendly and happy."

There were fans experiencing the biggest annual Detroit party for the first time and some who have a long history of being part of it.

"I had a streak of 29 straight opening days," said fan Bobby Lewis. "I've been gone for two years. So, I'm back on a new streak."

It wasn't any wonder why 4-year-old Benjamin Battle was there with his parents. His mom played high school softball and his dad played high school baseball.

The proud parents hope their son will catch the baseball bug early.

"I want him to catch, I really want him to catch," said Darin Battle.

There were people in the stands and people in the streets. No matter their view of the field, they all just wanted a win. And the Tigers gave it to them. They took down the New York Yankees 8-3.

Everyone had a crystal ball for predictions on how the ball club would do this year. They're coming off winning the AL Championship last season and a strong fight in the World Series.

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