Fans say 'Same old Lions' as team ruins playoff chance with loss to Giants

By Jamie Edmonds - Reporter

DETROIT - With the Giants' 23-20 win Sunday night, the Lions were officially eliminated from making the postseason, and Lions fans all across Metro Detroit let out a sigh of frustration.

"[They're] lifetime losers," said Jim Twigg of New Baltimore.

The phrase "same old Lions" is being uttered a lot Monday.

Why? Because after so much promise, it's the same old result.

"They lose in the end, they beat teams they shouldn't and they lose to teams they shouldn't," Twigg said.

So, after so much heartache, some fans are just throwing in the towel.

"I gave up in 1993," he said.

Others said a coaching change is in order.

"They need a new coach," Trevon Harris of Detroit said. "Schwartz has to go, he doesn't have what it takes."

"I like Schwartz, he took us to one playoff game so hopefully it's just a bad season," said Jimmy Guest of Grosse Point.

So then, with a team that has so many talented players, i.e. Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson, Ndamukong Suh, what needs to happen to get them over the edge and into the postseason?

"Matt, Mr. Ford, get on the right track," Guest said. "Start winning some football games."

"Matthew, stop throwing interceptions, Megatron put some glue on your hands and catch the ball so we can win some games," Craft said.

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