Farmington Tennis Club suddenly closes; sign greets members

'Thanks for the memories' sign greets former players, instructors at Farmington Tennis Club

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

FARMINGTON, Mich. - Normally the parking lot to the Farmington Tennis Club would be full, but this week, it's a ghost town.

The front doors are locked and brown paper is taped over the glass of the doors.

On Monday, members and employees were greeted to this message on the clubs front sign, "Thanks for the memories."  

"The owners waited until the last minute just to say screw the tennis community," said Whitney Wasielewski, a former tennis instructor at the club.

Whitney had been an instructor at the club since September, but after a battle with the owners, her days teaching at the club were cut short. She soon found out everybody else's days were gone, too.

"There are roughly 500 people on the member email list and all of these people are affected by this, without any warning," said Wasielewski.

Whitney says it all now makes sense because the owners recently changed the date member dues were due.

"The dues were scheduled to be in by March 31, but they just changed that to March 4," Wasielewski said. "It just proves to me they planned this so they could take the money and run."

Another red flag, Whitney UHAUL's would show up at the club, the owners piling up everything in them from office decorations to equipment. Also, a major tournament was scheduled for Easter weekend and the owners canceled it at the last minute.

According to Farmington city officials, the Farmington Tennis Club had two years' worth of unpaid taxes on the books.

Local 4 reached out to both owners, who had been running the club for several years. Neither answered or called back.

Whitney said she wouldn't expect any different behavior when it comes to members getting their money back. 

"All of these people are going to be out $300 or $400 and they don't care," Whitney said. "Unless everyone files a lawsuit, I know they don't have any intentions of paying anyone back."

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