Father pleas for help on 911 call for SUV stolen with baby inside in Warren

Warren carjacker bails after finding baby in back seat near 9 Mile, Hoover roads

WARREN, Mich. -

Police have released the 911 call made just moments after a father's sports utility vehicle with his 3-month-old daughter in the back seat was stolen from a Warren gas station.

Police say the man left his Chevrolet Suburban unattended Monday night while he ran into the gas station at 9 Mile and Hoover roads. He had left the vehicle running with the doors unlocked. That's when the carjacker moved in.

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However, the thief didn't get too far after finding the baby in the back seat. Police would later find the vehicle with the baby sleeping inside just a block away.

Meanwhile, the father, not knowing where the SUV was, made a frantic 911 call in which he pleaded for help.

Watch: Father pleas for police help after SUV stolen with baby inside

Caller: Ah, man, my daughter's in the car. Hurry please!

Dispatcher: OK. There's officers on their way.

Caller: Oh, hurry, hurry. Can they go and look for us please?

Dispatcher: Do you know the license plate sir?

Caller: Ah, no. Oh God! (crying) My kid's in the car please hurry!

The man gave chase but it was too late. Fear began to sink in.

Caller: What am I gonna do about my daughter? Oh, oh, I'm gonna get sick.

Fortunately, police found the SUV about a block away with the baby inside, unharmed.

Dispatcher: They found the vehicle. The baby is still in the vehicle. The baby's fine, OK?

Caller: The guy's gone?

Dispatcher: Yes, there is no one in the vehicle other than the baby.

Caller: Where is he at?

Dispatcher: Just stay where you're at and I'm going to send someone over to talk to you, OK?

Caller: Aw, thank you. Please don't let the baby out of their sight, please.

The father and daughter were reunited that night.

The thief remains on the loose.

Father admits big mistake, hopes others learn from it

Local 4 spoke with the father, 22-year-old Jesse Greer, on Tuesday night. Greer said he admits he made a big mistake and hopes others learn from it.

His daughter, Aubrey, was sound asleep when police found her.

Greer could be facing a misdemeanor charge which could lead to jail time or a fine.

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