Father's bond set at $3M after prosecutor says evidence links him to Detroit girl's death

Court says it has evidence of D'Andre Lane's involvement in his daughter's death, even without body

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

DETROIT - Magistrate Steve Lockhart set bond at $3 million dollars for D'Andre Lane who is charged with first degree murder and first degree child abuse in the disappearance of his daughter.

Lane claimed he was carjacked at gunpoint by two men on Dec. 2 with 2-year-old Bianca Jones in the back seat.  The girl has not been seen since.  Lane was charged Wednesday even with no body found.

During his brief court arraignment on Thursday, Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Karen Goldfarb argued for a remand with no bail, citing a previous criminal record of drugs and assault dating back to 1996.

Goldfarb said in court they have evidence of "Lane's involvement in the death of his daughter."  She did not give any detail but said there are boxes of evidence and "considerable, compelling evidence of Mr. Lane's involvement in his daughter's death."

Lane's defense attorney Terry Johnson entered a non-guilty plea and asked for time to review the case. The preliminary exam is set for April 17.  Johnson said in court he has seen no proof, only allegations and assumptions that Bianca is dead. 

"Nothing is established that she is dead.  We believe she is somewhere kidnapped or abducted," said Johnson. "He still believes she is somewhere, kidnapped or abducted."

Johnson said the court is making assumptions without any hard evidence against his client.

The magistrate responded "it is highly likely the infant is no longer living" and said he is "extremely skeptical about statements" made by Lane after the carjacking.

D'Andre Lane Jr., 17, went to court to support his father.  He said his dad did use discipline while raising him, but it was not excessive.

"I'm tired of hearing people talking bad about my daddy when they don't know him" Lane Jr. said. "He disciplined us because we needed it. I don't think he would ever hurt one of us when we all he got."

The defense attorney is requesting Lane get protective custody while in the Wayne County Jail, citing as attack on another man in recent days.

The mother of Bianca Jones was not in the courtroom Thursday. However, Banika Jones told Local 4 she wants to know what prosecutors know and would like to hear directly from them. 

"They've informed me they believe my daughter to be dead," Jones said.

Jones said officials did not elaborate on what evidence they have to supports that.

Jones said until her daughter is home, or until she's shown her daughter's body, it's her duty as her mother to continue looking for her and hoping that she's somehow alive. 

In fact, police sources say cadaver dogs "hit" on Bianca's car safety seat, an indication that she was deceased, her body placed in the car seat and taken elsewhere to be disposed of.  A police source says he believes her body may never be found. 

Banika Jones says she's heartbroken that the murder charge may mean people will stop looking for Bianca or her remains.

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