FBI investigates Detroit police chief death threat

Drug dealer allegedly wants Chief James Craig dead

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

DETROIT - The threat is credible enough that the FBI has gotten involved. Now the man in charge of protecting us from crime, has become a target.

"When you threaten a police chief you threaten everyone," said Detroit Police Chief James Craig in a press conference Sunday morning.

Craig spoke candidly about the recent threat against his life. There was no fear, only motivation. Craig even sent a message to the alleged drug dealer who made the threat: thank you.

"What he did was cause us to put attention not only on him, but the entire criminal network that he's part of," said Craig. "We'll find him, and when we do, I want to be there when he's arrested."

The FBI, Michigan State Police and Detroit police are teaming up to investigate what they're calling a credible Internet threat. The threat was discovered Friday posted via social media. The threat included images of guns and harsh words directed at DPD's top cop.

"Street jargon was used, 'We need to clap him out,' him as in me," said Craig.

It's no secret that Detroit Police have been targeting drug dealers and drug houses, hitting 35 dope houses a week, along with five massive raids under their belts. Craig says this threat only puts a spotlight on good police work.

"By a gang member, a drug dealer making that statement, it reinforces that we're doing the right thing," Craig said. "This will not deter us."

Craig wants everyone to know the threat against his life is serious and while no arrests have been made, he guarantees there will be.

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