Fed up Detroit residents issue warning to illegal dumpers

'Dumpers will be shot' posted on Chapel Street

By Kevin Dietz - Reporter

DETROIT - On Detroit's Chapel Street, prayers go unanswered and so do residents' calls to police.

"I see the people dumping. I chase them down. I get license plates, make reports and it goes no further than that," said Tanisha Gore, who lives on Chapel Street. "The police don't come."

John Davies also lives on the street and said police don't respond to calls.

"We just keep calling and calling," he said.

So, instead of continuing to get dumped on, residents are letting the illegal dumpers know they are prepared to take matters into their own hands.

They've posted vigilante signs where outsiders leave tires, trash and other potentially dangerous materials.

Their messages: "Dumpers will be shot," and "Dump here I'm loading."

Gore said her son is scared to walk home from school or play outside.

"You'll get bad guys that want to hide in the grass. That's happened before. It's just not safe," she said.

The residents just want a safe, clean neighborhood to raise their children. And they don't want to have to move.

"My whole family's gone. I stayed. This is my neighborhood. I want it to be better. But, it's just going down," Gore said.

Gore said she and her neighbors plan a cleanup this weekend.

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