Ferndale police: drunk woman runs light, crashes into police car

Police dash cam captures moment of impact, case that ensued afterwards

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

FERNDALE, Mich. - Ferndale police say a broken headlight, deflated tire and smashed front end are the result of a drunken driving crash that took place after 11 p.m. Sunday night.

That driver smashed right into a cop car and the police dash cam captured the moment of impact.

Andreana Shay, 41, was behind the wheel of a Buick Rendezvous when she ran a red light and ran right into a Ferndale police car.

"She shouldn't have been on the road in the first place not only because this person was drunk but she didn't have a license," said Ferndale LT. William Wilson.

Once the initial crash happened the driver fled the scene, but she didn't get very far.

She drove one block over to Allen Street and that's when police caught up with her. A brief chase took place through some side streets and she eventually pulled over.

Two officers approached her SUV with flashlights and guns in hand to make the arrest.

--Andreana Shay

This all happened at 8 Mile Road near Gardendale. The officer was on patrol along westbound 8 Mile when Shay ran the light and hit his car.

The officer had his seatbelt on and no one else was hit.

Now, Shay is off the road and arrested on a slew of charges.

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