Fights break out at St. Mary's Polish Country Fair

Police, organizers say steps being taken to ensure family fun

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®

ORCHARD LAKE, Mich. - Organizers of the decades-old St. Mary's Polish Country Fair in Orchard Lake are facing a growing problem with fights.

Lifelong fairgoer Kristy Gursky said brawling teens Saturday night at the fair made if uncomfortable for her family.

"It was like mayhem. Everywhere we looked there were fights breaking out and mobs of 100 or 200 people would go running to witness the fights," she said.

Oakland County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Kelly Sexton said law enforcement presence has been strong, with mounted police on the scene.

Sexton does admit, however, the crowd did get unruly on Saturday.

"There's been a few instances, but we're taking a zero-tolerance policy on any bad behavior. We're identifying those causing issues and we're ejecting them from the event," she said.

The fair is the biggest now in the state and organizers tell Local 4 they are making changes to keep the good and clean family fun.

A fence now goes up around the perimeter of the St. Mary's Preparatory school to contain crowds.

Headmaster Jim Glowacki said he had to make a tough security decision about a curfew.

"In the evenings, you can't even get onto the midway unless you have ID, you are over 18 or you have a parent or guardian," he said.

Orchard Lake police said there wasn't any trouble reported to them on Sunday or Monday.

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