Fired Taylor fire chief running for office

Former fire chief Bob Tompos says he is running for City Council

By Evrod Cassimy - Reporter/Anchor

TAYLOR, Mich. - Former Taylor fire chief Bob Tompos has filed a lawsuit against the city of Taylor after he was fired from the job.

Tompos claims he did nothing wrong.

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"He fired me because I spoke out about the faulty gear the firefighters have been using for the last four years," he said.

Tompos is referring to Taylor Mayor Jeffrey Lamarand, who is listed in the complaint. The complaint alleges when Tompos spoke out against the faulty equipment Mayor Lamarand told him to "watch what he says to the media."

"Shortly after I spoke up publicly about that gear, I was let go," Tompos said.

Ever since his job was terminated, Tompos has had his sights set on a new job. He is running for City Council and he has one thing he wants to accomplish first, if he's elected.

"Take care of the Fire Department" he said.
If he is elected and Lamarand is re-elected, Tompos would be working next to the same person who fired him. Still, he has more interest in protecting the lives of the Taylor firefighters.

"Well, I mean, I wouldn't be working for (the mayor), I would be working for the people of Taylor," Tompos said.

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