Florida gun range lets people shoot each other

Customers use rubber bullets

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ORLANDO, Fla. - Shooting at stationary targets isn't enough for some gun enthusiasts.  At Combat City in Orlando, people can turn their guns on each other.

The gun range allows patrons to shoot each other, similar to paint-ball guns, but with real weapons.  People can even bring in and use their own guns, including semi-automatic rifles. 

So how is this safe?  Every gun is modified so that only rubber bullets can be used, and live ammo cannot be fired.  Even though rubber bullets are used, the guns retain the same recoil.  Patrons are suited up in armor to protect their head, neck and private areas.  Even though armor is used, owner Dave Kaplan says it still hurts.

"There is supposed to be a degree of pain with it so that you do learn from it...Someone's trying to hurt you. You learn how to be as tactical as a civilian can be."

Employees at Combat City say their facility tests a person's nerve and helps them know if they have it in them to shoot another person if their life depended on it.

They say firing at a paper target only teaches people to shoot straight in perfect conditions. 

Do you think shooting at real people is a good way to test your natural instincts?

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