Ford Motor Company to pay for murder victim's funeral

Lizzie Mae Collier-Sweet was longtime Ford employee

By Hank Winchester - Reporter

DETROIT - Lizzie Mae Collier-Sweet's employer will pay for her funeral, after her body has sat in the Wayne County Morgue for four months.

Collier Sweet worked for Ford for 20 years. She disappeared from her Brownstown Township home in 2007. Her remains were found in a nearby creek earlier this year, But Lizzie Mae's family could not afford a funeral.

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Attorney Todd Flood said Lizzie Mae's employer has now stepped up.

"Ford has wanted to donate and help the family have a proper burial. With the donations and Ford stepping up because she was a Ford employee for such a long time , the altruistic behavior is amazing," Flood said.

Police believe Lizzie Mae was murdered by her husband, Roger Sweet. He is imprisoned for murdering his first wife.  Planning for Lizzie Mae's funeral was complicated because her life insurance went to Roger Sweet before he was a suspect in her death. Also, her earnings from her years working at Ford are tied up in the courts.

Misty Jones, Lizzie Mae's niece, is relieved to know Lizzie Mae's remains will be laid to rest.

"She should get out of the morgue. It's been long enough." Jones said.

Now, the relatives of Lizzie Mae are planning a memorials service.

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