Former Bashara attorney admits responsibility for civil contempt of court charges

David Griem is accused of giving evidence to Bob Bashara's family members

DETROIT - Bob Bashara's former attorney, David Griem, pleaded responsibility Friday to civil contempt of court charges.

Griem had originally been charged with criminal contempt of court for allegedly handing over evidence to Bashara's family members – a direct violation of a court order.

"I am in this situation because of my own mistake," Griem told the court. "I did in fact violate it. I did not intend to violate the order, but I did not pay attention to details. It was my obligation to do so."

Griem apologized to the court and Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.

"This is not the way I practice law," he said.

A sanctioning hearing is set for Nov. 26.

Griem's hearing comes one day after Bashara pleaded guilty to trying to hire a hit man to kill the suspect who is awaiting trial in his wife's death.

The Grosse Pointe Park man struck a plea deal that calls for him to get a minimum sentence of four years, three months in prison at his sentencing Nov. 20.

Bashara said he wanted to kill handyman Joe Gentz. Authorities say Bashara feared Gentz would identify him in the January death of Jane Bashara.

--Joe Gentz

Gentz awaits trial on charges he murdered Jane Bashara.

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Jane Bashara was found deadJan. 25 in the backof her sports utility vehiclein a Detroit alley, oneday after her husband hadreported her missing.

Bob Bashara says he had no role in his wife's killing.

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